Kids & Chiropractic

Checking children for subluxations is our passion and priority!

To many people it seems like an odd thought to bring their child to the Chiropractor. From the time a child is born he/she is subject to numerous physical stresses – the first one being the birth process itself! These stresses often cause small misalignments of the spinal bones; this is what we call a subluxation.  Subluxations put pressure on the central nerve system and interfere with normal function and the natural healing processes of the body. 

Infants and toddlers might exhibit symptoms like:

* digestive issues like constipation or acid reflux
* ear infections
*  difficulty to latch on for nursing
* colic

Older children might present with:

* allergies
* asthma
* headaches
* uneven posture
* bed wetting or other sleep issues
* and many more

Many different symptoms can develop from having subluxations, but just like cavities form for a long time in teeth without any pain, subluxations can be present without any pain or symptoms. 

The process of checking a child and adjusting the subluxations is completely painless. As newborns they even tend to sleep through the adjustment or fall asleep during it! The very little ones love laying on top of their parents or in one of our special pillows, the older kids often love climbing on top of our 'Zeus the Zebra' table. We always work with children (and their adults) to make the visit an enjoyable and pleasant experience!

You can read many testimonials in our review section about children receiving care here and we invite you contact us with any questions you might have!


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