Kids & Chiropractic

Checking children for subluxations is our passion and priority!

From the time a child is born he/she is subject to numerous physical stresses – the first one being the birth process itself! These stresses often cause small misalignments of the spinal bones; this is what we call a subluxation.  Subluxations put pressure on the central nerve system and interfere with normal function and the natural healing processes of the body. How long do you want your child to have pressure on its nerves? We believe in removing this interference as soon as possible – not waiting until symptoms appear!

Alicia is getting her first check up and adjustment at 4 weeks old
The process of checking a child and adjusting the subluxations is completely painless. As newborns they even tend to sleep through the adjustment or fall asleep during it! If you feel it is important that your children eat healthy food, brush their teeth and put on their seatbelt in the car, then getting your child’s spine check should also be high on your priority list. It affects their health and their life tremendously.

We are so passionate about providing quality care for all children that we don’t even charge for it! As long as a parent or guardian is under care with us, there will be no out-of-pocket expense.

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John (6 months old) is receiving his regular adjustment